“Act as if it were impossible to fail.“ – Winston Churchill “Everyone knew that it was impossible to do. One day, someone who did not know showed up and did it.“ - Winston Churchill Inspiring , motivating , energizing ... Without any doubt my two favorite quotes of the famous British politician. Through this website , I want to present you what we have to offer, beyond the company, beyond the fantastic vehicle that became Expertise Sports Design LG, beyond the projects that will make dreams come true. What I discovered in shaping this company , articulating every detail of its mechanics, forging its own unique identity, it's the incredible potential of this new mean of transportation. Just new born, Expertise Sports Design LG is already in action and moves foward in a naive way, but relying on fundations embedded in the rock, weaving a network of opportunities toward endless horizons. With all the partners who will be grafted on his course, partners you will be part of and who will share its success story , there will always be passion. The passion to share a unique know-how , develop new paths , to be nourrished by it and push boundaries even further. The passion to do better and to make others do better , to lean toward excellence, to the beautiful and the perfect. The passion to go ahead and make of Expertise Sports Design LG, the best technical reference entity in the world. Because we must move beyond limits, regardless of the impossible, see opportunities in obstacles. Because we must act ... act as if it were impossible to fail ! Luc Gionet, président Expertise Sports Design LG inc.