Valuable expertise... a true bonus !


In Quebec, in Canada, as anywhere else in the world, the expertise in planning, design and construction of sports facilities is a real valuable asset.  Expertise Sports Design LG specifically aims to provide an advanced level of expertise and state-of-the-art know-how, developed over the past 25 years.





Build a company that will become, by its expertise and know-how, the best technical and professional reference entity for planning, design and development of environments dedicated to sport.

Organized and renowned access to cutting-edge expertise or specialized technical informations on planning, design and integrated projects management of sports facilities is the fundamental basis of interest for our main group of clients.  We believe that clients must have access to the leading-edge expertise and the best knowledge available on the market in terms of :

-  Planning, design, construction and maintenance ;

-  Sports facilities standards and normalisation ;

-  Sports equipements standards ;

-  Project management, global or partial.

Considering the distinctive competence developed by the number and complexity of projects undertaken by our experts in recent years, we believe that these clients would benefit from being advised or be accompanied by a team of professionals and technicians of Expertise Sports Design LG to optimize, plan better and organize better, better design and implementation, in whole or in part, for their investment projects.

The benefits from marketing the expertise gained in the areas of planning and design of sports facilities is a major opportunity to create significant new value for any organization, entity, firm or corporation wishing to innovate, perform and excel in terms of design.

Expertise Sports Design LG is a company marketing the expertise and specialized know-how in planning, design and development of outdoor sports facilities or areas related to the practice of any outdoor physical activity.

In this context and according to the needs to meet, the goal of the company is to provide an organized and renown access to a set of cutting-edge expertise or specialized technical information on planning, design and integrated projects management in the field of sports facilities development, or spaces dedicated to outdoor physical activity. The professional services are intended to:

-  Optimize client's investments ;

-  Improve sports facilities safety ;

-  Improve the living environment of the population ;

-  Develop innovative and structuring concepts ;

-  Improve management and operationalization of sports facilities ;

-  Disseminate cutting-edge technologies and new ways of doing.

To provide expert services to its clients, offering integrated and sustainable solutions for better planning, design, development and construction of the highest quality environments possible, effective and safe for performing physical activities.

Fulfilling this mission is done primarily throughout the implementation of projects in the field of sports facilities.